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 DeUanUIs' exclusive abs routine (level 4)

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MessaggioTitolo: DeUanUIs' exclusive abs routine (level 4)    Mar Mar 27, 2012 6:51 pm

Planche hold (straddle attempt/only right leg/ only left leg)+ straddle planche push-up attempts (3 sets x max sec/max sec/max sec/2 reps)
Dragon flags with ankle weights (2,5 kg each) (1 set x 2 reps (choose your ideal variation for these) + 7 eccentric reps)
One arm Dragon Flags + One arm straddle dragon flag hold to one arm dragon flag hold (1 set each arm x 4 reps/4 reps)
Full planche hold with feet against wall + superman push ups (3 sets x max sec/ max reps)
V-sit to advanced tuck planche Push up (3 sets x 3 reps)
Pull-ups (dropset) (1 set x max reps)
Human flag Pull-ups with 1/2 ROM (3 sets each side x 3 reps)
2 front lever false grip muscle ups + tuck planche attempt on the bar+ Muscle Up after bar spin+ 2 mixed grip muscle ups (2 sets)
2 front lever false grip muscle ups + tuck planche attempt on the bar + Muscle Up after bar spin + 2 close mixed grip muscle ups (1 set)
Inverted hang to Front lever attempt + 1 arm assisted 1 leg front lever hold to close grip back lever hold (3 sets x 1 rep + 3 sets each leg x max sec)
1 arm hanging leg lifts + Hanging leg lifts without breaking the l-sit (1 in the middle, 1 left, 1 right) (1 set each arm x 3 reps/ 6 reps)
Human Flag raises + human flag to human flag l-sit attempt (3 sets each side x 4 reps/ 1 rep)
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DeUanUIs' exclusive abs routine (level 4)
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